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Is Disney Promoting LSD Use Now?

One of my viewers sent me this link, which is a shelf and a Disney Show. I don’t know what Disney’s performance is. But it was found that the shelf looked very much like the chemical formula, the molecular formula of LSD. Thank you.

I went to have a look. I believe this is the formula of LSD. It turned to one side. So it looks different. The shelves look different. But apart from that, it is exactly the same. This is not a mistake. Most people know that the truth community LSD is an important part of my control program.

Disney is anything they will not convict themselves or can not show now. Because I have covered this. There are many Disney programs. There is a major role star and evil force there. The character star wears the devil’s horn, and her ex boyfriend is the devil’s son.

There are demons and transgender characters. Then we have this role. I forgot the name of the program. But it’s the main boss. He has a male pedophile symbol. This has been recorded by FBI. Therefore, we have these shelves recorded by the scientific community. Boy love symbols have UAVs in this Zephyr role.

Nothing can be dismissed. You know that’s the way it is. I did it. Now they say I have explored a male employee. I itch until he can’t breathe, and then four people jump on me. This is my 50 birthday. This is killing the old man.

That’s Walter Disney, the devil worshiper and grope for anyone. We are grown up. We itch. This makes the situation worse. Disney raised the stakes. What they do is beyond your imagination. They exceed your low expectations and remind them that they are cartoons. So these images must be drawn.

Extending these things needs forever. It takes a long time to make cartoons. Pedophile men and favorite symbols do not magically appear in roles. They must be attracted. The molecular structure of LSD does not appear as a shell in animated cartoons.

Someone has to create it, so they are promoting LSD. I don’t even know how to put the molecular structure of LSD into their cartoons. I don’t know what that value is. But this is Disney. This is what Paul Rome must have reported from the disaster.